The Merton Big Read



The Merton Big Read is a shared-reading scheme which aims to connect the local community through books and stories. The inaugural Big Read is the compelling and thought-provoking The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid, Man-Booker shortlisted author of Exit West and The Reluctant Fundamentalist 


We have copies of the book across Merton Libraries available for you to borrow in paperback, e-book and audiobook versions. 


500 free books have now been distributed across the borough. If you've read it, pass it on! New Readers , make sure you register online! We want the whole community to get involved in this borough-wide reading group! and there's £100 up for grabs if you take part too. Merton Big Read | Wimbledon BookFest


The Last White Man is a story of love, loss, and rediscovery in a time of unsettling change. It tells the story of how the world changes for a man who wakes up to a darker skin tone. It addresses universal themes of identity, being an outsider and human fragility.


Reading Well


Reading Well supports people in their journey towards better mental health by making helpful books recommended by health experts easily accessible to readers of all ages. The Reading Agency has worked closely with library services across England to provide unprecedented access to the carefully designed reading lists: Reading Well for mental healthReading Well for young people; and Reading Well for children. Topics explored include mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy; coping with grief, anxiety, depression, and stress; understanding bullies, body dysmorphia, ADHD, autism, and OCD; and much more. Books from each list will be available for borrowing and e-lending from library authorities across England - check with your local library authority for more information.