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Our online resources Who else writes like...? and Who next...? , have recently been redeveloped.

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Who else writes like…? A readers’ guide to fiction authors


Who Else Writes Like...? is recognised as a standard work to help introduce both book borrowers and buyers to novelists whose work is unfamiliar to them. It is designed to answer the perennial question "I've read all the books by this author, who else writes like that?"

Once logged in, you can simply follow the links to find an author whose books you like, and see which other writers are recommended underneath.

There are lots of ways to search Who Else...?, for help, see our key website features page (under the Information tab).

Some titles written by authors included in this website may be suitable for young adult readers, who are in the process of 'crossing-over' from reading books appropriate for children to tackling adult novels.


Who next…? A guide to children authors


Who Next...? A guide to children’s authors is an interactive online tool designed to help parents, teachers and librarians in schools and public libraries to encourage children and young people to read more widely, by suggesting authors they might enjoy. The tool can be used to guide children who have already enjoyed stories by one writer to find others who write in a similar way.

For each of the authors listed, other authors who write in a similar style are suggested. By moving from one entry to another, young readers can expand the number of writers they enjoy. Older children can also use the guide themselves.

The links that have been made between authors are based on genre and theme, and also of styles of writing, or similar aspects of characterisation and settings. The most popular titles by each author are listed and the information is arranged in four age groups: 5-7, 8-11, 12-14 and 14+. Who Next ...? also suggests suitable titles for dyslexic and reluctant readers.