Free Film Screenings

Mitcham Library

Friday 7 February 2020, 4.30pm. Hint: The world is more giant than you can imagine (R:PG).

Friday 14 February 2020, 4.30pm. Hint: The greatest love story you have ever gnome (R:U).

Friday 21 February 2020, 4.30pm. Hint: She just kept swimming... (R:U).

Friday 28 February 2020, 4.30pm. Hint: When the world needed a hero, they called a villain (R:U).


Wimbledon Library

Tuesday Film Club:

Tuesday 18 February 2020, 7pm. Hint: What if you were the star of your own TV show and didn't even know it? (R:PG).

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 7pm. Hint: The beautiful story of a young man who refused to follow convention and ventured north to Alaska (R:15).

Tuesday 3 March 2020, 7pm. Hint: Aragorn has really let himself go, but a good road trip should sort him out! (R:12A).

Tuesday 10 March 2020, 7pm. Hint: Cooky feel-good film that encourages us to stop dreaming and start living (R:PG).

Tuesday 17 March 2020, 7pm. Hint: When in Belgium, shoot first, sight-see later (R:18).

Tuesday 24 March 2020, 7pm. Hint: What would you do if you were accused of a murder, you had not committed... yet? (R:12).

Tuesday 31 March 2020, 7pm. Hint: Rule #1: Don't make a sound. Rule #2: Never leave the path. Rule #3: Red means run (R:15).

Tuesday 7 April 2020, 7pm. Hint: Two brothers, some toothpicks, followed by some gambling (R:15).

Tuesday 14 April 2020, 7pm. Hint:The fast-paced movie that introduced us all to Sandra Bullock (R:15).

Tuesday 21 April 2020, 7pm. Hint: A rare example of a sequel being better than the original. Thanks Sigourney Weaver (R:18).

Tuesday 28 April 2020, 7pm. Hint: "And all that jazz!" (R:12A).

Tuesday 5 May 2020, 7pm. Hint: First Oscar for Robin Williams, how do you like them apples? (R:15).

Tuesday 12 May 2020, 7pm. Hint: An adventure 65 million years in the making (R:12).

Tuesdya 19 May 2020, 7pm. Hint: "She's my Jenny" (R:12A).

Tuesday 26 May 2020, 7pm. Hint: She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees (R:15).

Tuesday 2 June 2020, 7pm. Pride Month: An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world (R:12A).

Tuesday 9 June 2020, 7pm. Pride Month: The true story of Harvey Milk (R:15).

Tuesday 16 June 2020, 7pm. Pride Month: "I wish I could quit you" (R:15).

Tuesday 23 June 2020, 7pm. Pride Month: Nic and Jules had the perfect family, until they met the man who made it all possible (R:15).

Tuesday 30 June 2020, 7pm. Pride Month: The Truth Cannot Be Converted or Erased (R:15).

Tuesday 7 July 2020, 7pm. 80s Month: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it (R:15).

Tuesday 14 July 2020, 7pm. 80s Month: "She's Alive! She's Alive!" (R:15).

Tuesday 21 July 2020, 7pm. 80s Month: An athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal, doing time (R:15).

Tuesday 28 July 2020, 7pm. 80s Month: "Shirley, you can't be serious?" (R:15).

Tuesday 4 August 2020, 7pm. Hint: Visually stunning tale of a young boy shipwrecked at sea, with a tiger (R:PG).

Tuesday 11 August 2020, 7pm. Hint: Not the Roguish Star Wars, the other Solo movie! (R:12A).

Tuesday 18 August 2020, 7pm. Hint: "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" (R:12A).

Tuesday 25 August 2020, 7pm. Hint: One nation under surveillance for liberty and justice for all (R:15).

Tuesday 1 September 2020, 7pm. Sci-Fi Month: 250,000 miles from home, the hardest thing to yourself (R:15).

Tuesday 8 September 2020, 7pm. Sci-Fi Month: No child has been born for 18 years (R:15).

Tuesday 15 September 2020, 7pm. Sci-Fi Month: "KHHAAAAAAAANNN!!!" (R:PG).

Tuesday 22 September 2020, 7pm. Sci-Fi Month: There is nothing more human than the will to survive (R:15).

Tuesday 29 September 2020, 7pm. Sci-Fi Month: Discover the origin of terror (15)


Film Merton:


Friday 24 January 2020, 7.00pm. Priscilla Queen of the Desert (R:18).

Friday 31 January 2020, 7.00pm. Dallas Buyers Club (R:15). 

Saturday 8 February 2020, 7.00pm. Call Me By Your Name (R:15).

Friday 21 February 2020, 7.00pm. The Colour Purple (R:15).