About Project Sense

In May 2019, Merton Library and Heritage Service successfully won £94,826 of funding from Arts Council England for Project Sense.

Merton Library Service wants to continue its innovative approach and making improvements to library services by transforming its children’s libraries into multisensory environments and having an “inclusive for all” activities and events programme.

Project Aim

Project Sense’s aim is to have a fully inclusive children’s library service across all of Merton’s seven libraries. All children, including SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) children will benefit from a fully inclusive library environment, specialist stock and dedicated arts and literature activities programme. Specialist SEND training will be delivered to all staff and selected volunteers to ensure an inclusive library service offer for all.


  • Create a fully inclusive sensory library environment for all children to enjoy and benefit from, including those with SEND. Each library will have a unique sensory theme such as Space, Under the Sea, Weather, Arctic, Forest, Circus and Jungle.
  • Provide specialist SEND book stock and equipment for children and their parents/carers. Books for parents and carers to include specialist information books on autism and other disability subjects.
  • Provide an annual arts and literature programme of dedicated SEND events and activities.
  • Extend our existing schools and library membership scheme to SEND schools in the borough and host termly class visits.
  • Promote and educate SEND awareness and inclusion to the wider community.
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness for SEND children, parents and carers by creating inclusive library environments and running specialist activities and events.
  • Provide education and support to SEND families, parents and carers. Working with Merton’s Adult Learning Service we will commission specially designed family learning courses for parents and carers.

For more information about Project Sense please email marketing.assistant@merton.gov.uk